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All prices expressed on the website are subject to change without notice. All other prices given for tour(s) (defined as any escorted or independent travel arrangement(s)) in customized offers or any brochures or flyers are based upon the exchange rate effective at time of offer or printing. In the event of major currency fluctuation, change of tour rates, fuel costs, Government taxes etc., tour operator reserves the right to make an adjustment.


We cannot recommend too strongly that all passengers protect themselves by taking out Travel Insurance. This includes cancellation coverage, medical, baggage, personal effects, money etc.

Not Included:

Land ONLY price does not include: Transatlantic air transportation, cost of passport or visas, inoculations, excess baggage charges, baggage handling, phone calls, meals not specified in the itinerary, airport and US departure taxes where applicable, local airport taxes, local city taxes, all items of personal nature (e.g. laundry, wine or liquor-unless stated otherwise), health and accident or other insurance, communication charges.

Gratuities: Tips to tour guides, drivers, waiters (in countries where applicable), hotel staff, baggage handlers, or game rangers are not included in the tour price and are at the tour participant's discretion.

Visas and Inoculations: Visa and immunization requirements vary from country to country and up-to-date information should be obtained from your health department and consulate prior to departure.

Important Note:

Travel arrangements are intended for persons of reasonably good health and without physical disabilities which would create a hazard either for the participant or those traveling with the participant. By sending in the deposit for the travel arrangements the participant certifies that he or she does not have any health problems or physical disabilities that would endanger either themselves or any tour participant.

Reservation procedure::

Deposit of $200 per person, unless mentioned otherwise, is due at time of booking. Payment of deposit constitutes acknowledgment and agreement with Rail Source International's terms and conditions by tour participant and/or travel agent.

8 weeks prior:

Full payment of land portion is due 8 weeks prior to departure. If your reservation is made within 8 weeks of departure, the entire price must be paid at the time of booking.

30 days prior:

If reserving within 30 days of departure, a non-refundable "Last Minute Booking Fee" of $ 50 per person will be charged.


Changes to the original booking result in extra expenses. All alterations must be in writing from the tour participant or travel agent to Rail Source International Inc.

An alteration of date or itinerary within 30 days of departure will be treated as a cancellation.

After receipt of deposit(or first payment made) and until 45 days prior to departure: $50.00 per person, PLUS all non-refundable arrangements.

Between 45 and 30 days prior to departure: $70.00 per person, PLUS all non-refundable arrangements.

Cancellation Policy:

All cancellations must be in writing from tour participant or travel agent to Rail Source International, Inc. . The following cancellation policy applies:

Cancellations received, per tour:

Up to 30 days prior: Loss of deposit, PLUS all non-refundable arrangements.

Within 29 days of departure from home country: No refund

There is no refund for any unused portions of the tour once the tour has started. Air tickets have their own cancellation policy which is determined by the airline. It is the tour participant's or travel agent's responsibility to inquire with Rail Source International, Inc. of these special conditions when placing a reservation.

Air tickets have their own cancellation policy which is determined by the airline. It is the tour participant's or travel agent's responsibility to inquire with Rail Source International, Inc. of these special conditions when placing a reservation.

Itinerary Variations:

We make every effort to operate each program according to the description made in any offer or published in any printed or electronic form. However, situations out of our control, such as local holidays, occasionally arise that require changes. In such cases we reserve the right to vary itineraries and/or inclusions or to substitute hotels of similar standards. We only make changes that improve the program or are in the best interest of the tour participant's comfort, safety, health and enjoyment.

Air Transportation:

We will help you find the best-priced and best suited airfare available in the class required. A service fee of $ 30.00 per person is required for assistance with booking airfare. When canceling or changing a reservation, the conditions of that particular airline will apply. The airlines are not to be held responsible for any act, omission or event during the time passengers are not on board their air-crafts. These tours may use the services of any airline carrier. The passage contract in use by these companies when issued shall constitute the sole contract between the companies and the purchaser of these tours and/or passage.


The Tour Operator: Rail Source International, Inc. and/or its agents act as agents for various independent companies where transportation, hotel accommodation and other services are purchased from. All exchange orders, coupons and tickets are issued subject to the terms and conditions under which such means of transportation and other services are provided. The travel agent and/or Tour Operator shall not be held liable for any injury, delay or irregularity, damage, or expense arising from strikes, substitution of equipment, sickness, pilferage, machinery breakdown, quarantine, government restraints, war, act of terrorism, weather conditions, defect in any vehicle of transportation, for any other cause beyond their control, or any act of omission whatsoever by the air carriers, suppliers, hotels, its agents, servants and employees and the passenger hereby waives claim against the Tour Operator arising there from. If a tour or tour departure is canceled, the Tour Operator shall have no responsibility beyond refund of payment received from the tour passengers, as set forth in the cancellation policy. The passenger and/or travel agent or intermediary waive any claim against the Tour Operator for any damage or loss of property, injury or death of persons due to any act of negligence of any airline, accommodation establishment, auto rental company, train company, any other provider of means of transportation (included but not limited to boats, hot air balloons, zeppelins, ferries, camels, cable cars, elephants), or any other person(s) rendering services and/or accommodations included in the air or land portion of the tour. The Operator reserves the right to decline, accept or retain any person from a tour. If any participant is removed from a tour no refund will be given to the participant.

Transportation and/or Service Provider Responsibility Clause:

Any transportation and/or service provider is responsible ONLY for their specified portion, performed by them on behalf of tour participants in accordance with the terms and conditions of their individual contracts and are subject to applicable laws, treaties and regulations governing the specified means of transportation or service. The usual contract used by transportation and/or service provider when issued, shall constitute the sole contract between provider and the tour participant(s) and in purchasing any services by providers as a part of this tour the participant acknowledges and accepts the foregoing conditions.

Tour Costs:

Land package rates are not offered at net cost. Included in the rates are the costs of preparation, printing and distribution of literature, maintaining website(s), communication, administrative and operation costs, office rent and salaries as well as commission to your travel agent who makes reservations on your behalf and assists with obtaining visas and explains the terms and conditions under which Rail Source International Inc. operates.

Contact Information:

Rail Source International, Inc.

Toll free: 1 800 551 2085

Tel. (704) 876-9081 Fax. (704) 876-9035

E-mail: info@railsourceinternational.com

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